For details of our next dance, please see below:

Social Dance

Dancing to Recorded Music

Saturday 11th May 2024 at 7.00 p.m.


Bentley Heath Community Centre,

Widney Road, Bentley Heath, Solihull, B93 9BQ.


All Dances Will be Walked Through

Bring and Share Supper

Cost: Dancers £7.00    Spectators £5.00


The Flight of the Falcon J 8x32 Priddey: Anniversary Tensome
Orpington Caledonians R 8x32 Brenchley: RSCDS Book 49
Far North Queensland S 5x32 Brenchley: The Other Kangaroo Paw
Napier’s Index J 8x40 Charlton: RSCDS Book 45
Scott Meikle R 4x32 Mc Lean: RSCDS Book 46
The Moray Rant S 3x48 Drewry: Silver City Book
Gothenburg’s Welcome J 8x32 Munro: RSCDS Book 37
The Countess of Dunmore’s Reel R 8x32 MacCuish Bark: RSCDS Book 49
A Capital Jig J 8x32 MacKay: Magazine Dances
MacDonald of Keppoch M 3x32S/3x32R Ronald: RSCDS Book 49
Chased Lovers R 8x32 Wilson: RSCDS Book 53
The Rutland Reel J 8x32 Senior: RSCDS Book 48
The Flower O’ the Quern S 6x32 Drewry: Canadian Book
The Chequered Court R 4x32 Brown: RSCDS Book 42
The Merchant City J 8x32 Thorn: Glasgow Branch 90th Anniversary
The Reel of the Royal Scots S 3x32 Goldring: Leaflet Dances
Neidpath Castle S 3x32 Haynes: RSCDS Book 22
MacLeod's Fancy J 4x32 Drewry: RSCDS Book 33
Blooms of Bon Accord R 4x32 Drewry: Deeside Book 2

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