Scottish Country Dancing

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society exists to promote and develop Scottish Country Dancing worldwide for the benefit of present and future generations. The Scottish Country Dance Society (the title "Royal" having been bestowed in 1951) was founded in Glasgow by Mrs Ysobel Stewart and Miss Jean Milligan in 1923 and there is now a world-wide network of Branches and Affiliated groups, with a small administrative team based at the headquarters in Edinburgh together with many thousands of dedicated dancers across the world.

Scottish Country Dancing is a dance form with roots stretching back for centuries and is mainly danced socially, for enjoyment and indeed fitness with of course some groups even entering competitions. Participants are grouped into sets, typically of three, four or five couples who work together to dance a sequence of formations and intricate floor patterns.

There can be no dancing without music, and dancers are inspired by traditional Scottish Reels, Jigs, and Strathspeys to provide the musical accompaniment and defined tempo for each dance. Scottish Country Dance music is mostly played on the accordion and fiddle supported by a rhythm section.

The RSCDS emphasises the three elements of fun, fitness and friendship that Scottish Country Dancing provides, and believes it is uniquely placed to deliver these benefits through its worldwide network of Branches and Affiliated Groups.

It is well established that participation in adequate amounts of regular physical activity can improve health and well being and various studies have concluded that Scottish Country Dancing can be of considerable benefit in this respect.

There is a large repertoire of Scottish Country Dances, accompanied by some wonderful traditional tunes providing great rhythm and drive, which are a delight to dance. Whilst we mostly enjoy dancing to music recorded by some fabulous Scottish Country Dance bands it is even better to dance to live music. We aim to provide this opportunity at our Annual Dance which ensures a fantastic evening of dancing for all.

To see examples of a Reel, Jig and Strathspey please view the following videos.  Select the replay button in bottom left corner to view again.

The Reel "Trip to Timber Ridge"

The Jig "Neil M. Grant"

The Strathspey "Miss Eleanor"

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