Links to Scottish Country Dance & Music Related Sites

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - provides a wealth of information about Scottish Country Dancing including all branches and clubs, winter and summer school, shop and lots more.

Birmingham RSCDS Branch - information about the Birmingham Branch including classes, socials and dances.

Sutton Coldfield RSCDS Branch - information about the Sutton Coldfield Branch.

Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary - provides dance instruction and cribs for many dances including a repository of YouTube videos showing SCD at varying levels from competition to club.

Strathspey Server & SCD Database - provides a repository of Scottish Dance information including dance instructions, YouTube videos, original tunes and band recordings.

Grand Chain - Scottish Dance Resource - provides all Scottish dancing information including band details.

Jockjigging - diary of Scottish Country Dance events in the region.

Box & Fiddle Magazine - for information about traditional Scottish music and bands.

St. Andrews Shoemakers (James Senior) - for Scottish Country Dancing shoes and ghillies.

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